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Queer People of Color Pride Reception 2017

In an enclave as bright, dynamic and vibrant as Madison of course we enjoy a thriving LBGTQ community. Our citizens who are Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Queer are professional,

The Back To School Celebration

In a wonderful display of a united community, 100 Black Men of Madison welcomed local students and parents to mark the new school year as a festive occasion. Elevating its

Take a Hike! ~ Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the Ice Age Trail

  Many Madison residents likely never realize that they live a short distance from a National Scenic Hiking Trail. With a range of more than 1,200 miles, the Ice Age

Juneteenth Madison ~ Celebrating African-American Culture for 27 Years

  When Annie Weatherby Flowers first arrived in Madison she wanted to create an event that would celebrate Black culture. She quickly realized that the perfect opportunity was to mark

    Latest Community News

    Balance Madison and its partners are taking steps to aid community members in living more balanced and healthy lifestyles.  Check out the latest events and news of what is being done by community members to create a more well balanced community throughout the Greater Madison Area.

  • Transportation
    Your transportation option in Madison.

    In Madison, you can get around without a car by riding a bike, taking the bus and even walking sometimes. It is healthy and helps the environment. Here are some options.

  • Wellness
    Improving your quality of life.

    We all want a healthy and balanced life. THere are many easy and cheap ways to stay healthy including growing vegetables to practices to stay healthy. And the best part is that they all come with benefits.

  • Three R's
    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are activities we can implement every day that saves us money and decreases our pollution. Learn how you can adopt these activities and share what you do in your daily life.

  • Energy 2030
    Energy for the future of Madison.

    We invite you to find out about the energy future of the Madison area and become a part of MGE’s vision for a future with more renewable energy, innovative products, and services, and customer engagement.

MGE's Efforts

Here’s what we’re doing…

MGE is dedicated to the communities and customers we serve. We strive to go above and beyond in our efforts to balance the need for reliable, affordable energy with our commitment to be responsible environmental stewards. Our Energy 2030 framework advances the company’s vision for a sustainable future for all. From cleaner energy, innovative products and services, to customer engagement, we are building a Community Energy Company for the Future. We invite you to learn more about these efforts!

Core Principals
MGE's Efforts
Solar Panels
Community Solar Project
% Renewable Energy
MGE's Goal for 2030
Dollar Bill Credit
Toilet Rebate Program
Dollar Savings
per/yr using Energy Star appliances
planting trees

Find Community Resources

The first step to living a sustainable life is becoming aware of the importance of protecting our  resources. At a first glance, it might seem complicated but there are many things you can do and daily choices you can make to have a positive impact on your environment. In this section, you will find examples of small steps you can take to ensure a healthy life for yourself, your family and your community.

Learn More
Conserve Energy

The amount of energy you use depends not only on the levels of thermal insulation of your home and the types of electrical and natural gas it uses. Your lifestyle also has an impact. Begin saving throughout the year with these tips.

Protect Water

Water is a vital natural resource we all need. And protecting and conserving water is a task that belongs to all us. In Madison we enjoy clean potable water and we all can take small steps to keep it like that.

Healthy Living

Growing your own food not only helps you eat healthier, it also reduces the use of gasoline in the transporting of goods. If you do not have space for a garden at your home, there are other options such as community gardens in the city of Madison. Find a community garden near you.

Reduce Waste

We all need to become aware of our habits and we must reduce the volume of waste generated. MGE  is one of the companies that is committed to the reduction and reuse of many products, they recycle and eliminate waste as part of their daily routine.

Green Transportation

When possible, walk, bike or use public transport to reduce or avoid carbon emissions. The city of Madison offers several options for public and private transport. Here we present some alternatives:

Get Involved

MGE offers several resources for you to get involved, and begin saving. Join the hundreds of families that have already started practicing and benefiting from the employing the “Three R’s” in their daily lives.

What Energy Means to Me

Energy fuels our passions. It fuels our future.

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