A Place To Call Home

gloria-sd1 As we interact with people in our different circles, sometimes we may wonder where we feel most at home. For some people, this may be a very easy question to answer; however, for many of us, this question always calls for a deep reflection of who we are, where we belong and what kind of community we want to foster. In my case, growing up in Colombia but living in other countries for the past eleven years, I often find myself longing for a space to call home. My own lived experiences and academic and professional training have deeply motivated me and shaped my work to support communities in our collective efforts to make our neighborhoods a place of deep community and solidarity – a place we can call home. This vision of sustainable neighborhoods strongly guides Sustain Dane’s work as it advances a collective vision where sustainability is seen as inclusive, resilient and healthy.

At Sustain Dane, we believe that both individuals and communities are called to be active participants in fostering healthy, inclusive and resilient neighborhoods. We strive to support neighborhoods in their efforts to be strong, thriving communities that are driven by just and inclusive economies. These neighborhoods seek to be safe places where neighbors look out for each other regardless of their differences and where we feel rooted, supported, inspired and connected.


In that spirit, our Sustainable Neighborhood program is committed to making our neighborhoods crucial protagonists in co-creating the city we dream for ourselves and our children. In this journey, we celebrate our multiplicities and unique ways of engaging in sustainability, recognizing that we all thrive when we value our diversity, our communities’ assets, our multiple lived experiences and our particular ways of seeing the world. At sustain Dane, we firmly believe that our neighborhoods are powerful drivers in making the “Big S” real in people’s lives.


Thus, in my role as the Sustainable Neighborhoods Director, I look forward to actively listening and integrating our multiple voices towards a common goal: a sustainable Madison. What does that look like? Let’s all dream and work on that together! If you feel moved to share your journey, learn more about Sustainable Neighborhoods or want to know how to get involved, feel free to contact me at gloria@sustaindane.org. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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