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Candice Camille ~ The Wellologist


A few hundred vibrant women gathered to celebrate healthy-living at the Alliant Engergy Center in Madison. The 8th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day event brought the community together in order to share their enthusiasm and information on how best to lead lives rich with positive choices and deliberate wellbeing. Keynote speaker Candice Camille, a self described “Wellologist”, invited everyone in the audience to embrace the excitement of a thoroughly balance active lifestyle.

“ Being well is more than just working out and exercising or eating right,” Camille said in an interview. “It’s your whole life. Everyday you have to work on your physical, your mental/emotional, your spiritual and your financial. It’s the whole pie.”


Diagnosed with throat cancer in 1992 Camille made a dramatic change in her way of life. She made a conscious decision to become more physically active and to improve her diet.

“I like to say that I’m a cancer conquerer. I didn’t smoke, I didn’t do any of those things associated with throat cancer. But I think a lot of the times it comes from our life stresses ,” Camille said. “The body is strange and miraculous at the same time. Most of my young life I had been an athlete and I knew that there were things I could do to make my body stronger. I knew I had to move it and I had to feed it better food.”

By taking control of these fundamental processes Camille found balance in her life. The cancer in her body went into remission in just four years. Now as a wellness professional she prescribes eight simple things each of us can do every day to achieve sustainable health.

1. Find your spiritual center
“Whoever your God is or that higher power you have to have that spiritual connection.”

2. Mediate
“We’re constantly running around. Take some time to be still so you can get clear and open to hear what’s coming from you.”

3. Have Fun/ Socialize
“In this world with social media and all these gadgets we’ve gotten away from social connection. When was the last time you got together with friends and just laughed?”

4. Hydrate
“We literally don’t drink enough water”

5. Exercise
“Movement does not occur until you move. If your body is going to work you’ve got to move

6 . Get some fresh air/sunshine
“Breathe! Get outside “There are so many healing properties in sunlight”

7. Eat Well
“We really have to start eating better. The more colorful the food the better it is for you. Eat the rainbow”

8. Sleep
“We underestimate the power of sleep and what it does for the body. If you’re going to be well you have to rest. If you don’t get enough sleep, at least seven hours a day, it will effect your immune system. Chronic sleep loss can put us at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and more

Despite circumstance of distress, hardship or illness Camille insists that you have to take control of your life. “You have to get out of your own way and stop the pity party. You have to want to live,” she said. “You have to do something. There are things you must do to save your own life. And if you do I guarantee you it will make a difference. The power is in your hands.The choice is yours you get to decide. Think Well Be Well Now!”

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James Mills

James Edward Mills is a freelance journalist who specializes in telling stories about outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving, and practices of sustainable living. He has worked in the outdoor industry since 1989 as a guide, outfitter, independent sales representative, writer, and photographer. He is the author of the new book “The Adventure Gap: Changing the Face of the Outdoors” and the co-writer/co-producer of the documentary film An American Ascent. James has written for the Wisconsin State Journal, Madison Magazine, and Wisconsin Trails. He is currently a contributor to several outdoor-focused print and online publications such as National Geographic Adventure, Rock & Ice, Alpinist, SUP, Elevation Outdoors, Women’s Adventure, the, Park Advocate, High Country News, Land & People, Outside Magazine and The Guardian

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