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Controlling Your Business Winter Energy Use

Is it Winter yet?

A warmer than usual start to winter doesn’t lay precedent to a mild winter.   In fact, we can surely bet that low temperatures will be here before we know it.  So in the mindset of being prepared for a winter wonderland, how can businesses save energy when the temperature dips?

Temperature Settings

During business hours you may be heating more than necessary. Try keeping the temperature between 66°F – 68°F.  Yeah, that may be a stretch for some folks but experiment to see how low a heat setting is without making people feel uncomfortable.


Controls! Controls! Controls!

Of course, if you don’t have an accurate thermostat then it makes it a little hard to control the temperature and thus creates difficulty in controlling energy costs.  Make sure you have a programmable thermostat that is actually programmed to when you are open and closed for business. A half hour before closing time reduce the heat… you’ll be surprised how much a ½ hour per day over a billing cycle can make a difference with your business’ heating bill.   Not open nights or weekends?  Check to make sure you’re not heating an unoccupied space!

 Help Your HVAC Save You $

Finally, an overworked heating system is wasting energy dollars! Make sure your system’s filter isn’t blocked by dust and dirt. This makes the unit work harder… not smarter. Cleaning the coil on an outdoor heat pump is also important in order to ensure efficient operation.  Another easy solution to help save energy is making sure your HVAC is being routinely checked by an expert. Periodic tune-ups can be a good way to catch unnecessary repair costs.

This winter season don’t get caught out in the cold with high energy costs!  Want to learn more about what other area businesses are doing to reduce energy costs? Subscribe to MGE Talks Business You can also call Mayra at 608-252-7120.

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