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Queer People of Color Pride Reception 2017

In an enclave as bright, dynamic and vibrant as Madison of course we enjoy a thriving LBGTQ community. Our citizens who are Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Queer are professional, productive, creative and inspiring contributors to the rich cultural fabric of this great city. But too often those who are also queer people of color go overlooked as active members of an emerging generation of talented individuals whose unique expressions of self-esteem bring even greater vibrance to the state capital and all the towns in Wisconsin they call home.

Queer People of Color
Reporter Amber C. Walker

To mark the celebration of the Gay Pride Parade and Rally in Madison, the publishers of Our Lives Magazine hosted an event to honor queer people of color throughout Wisconsin. The QPOC Reception at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts provided an exciting showcase for the release of an extensive profile series in the July/August issue that included several prominent LBGTQ community leaders. Capital Times K-12 Education reporter Amber C. Waker wrote the spread that details the many accomplishments and accolades of queer people of color who are out and proud in Madison.

Our Lives Publisher Patrick Farabaugh

The QPOC Reception was a lively networking event organized by Ja’Mel Ware of the production company Intellectual Ratchet. With great style and verve the LGBTQ community turned out for this exciting yet intimate gathering that was every bit as welcoming and inviting as it was empowering.

Queer People of Color

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