Conserve Energy
Ensuring energy for the future
MGE is committed to helping Madison residents conserve energy, and save on their energy costs. There are a many bill credits customers…
Protect Water
Protecting our most vital resource
Water is a vital natural resource we all need. And protecting and conserving water is a task that belongs to all us. In Madison we enjoy clean potable water…
Healthy Living
Choices that have a positive effect.
MGE’s Balance is working hard to help create healthier lifestyles for Madison residents. In order to improve community health we’re offering resources…
Less Waste
Ensures a greener community.
MGE is one of the companies that is committed to the reduction and reuse of many products, they recycle and eliminate waste as part of their daily routine…


Madison counts on an infrastructure of bike paths that make cycling an easy choice for transport. Madison has beautiful cycling routes connecting the different areas of the city. Madison has one of the systems most extensive bike trails in the United States and was recently named # 4 by USA Today of top ten cities for cycling in the United States. For more information about bike path routes click on the image.

Madison B-cycle is a bicycle rental business in downtown Madison. There are 39 stations with 350 bicycles B- cycle around the center of Madison, all very close to wherever you need to go. Members of Madison B-cycle may remove a B-cycle in B- any station, ride where they need to go, and park at the nearest station to your destination. Need to go elsewhere? Simply remove another B-cycle and start a new journey.


Reduce: We must take action to reduce the production of products which become waste, ration purchase measures, proper use of products and purchase of sustainable products.

Reuse: It is the action of reusing products and giving them another use. It is any operation by which waste is reused for a different purpose for which they were created. The more objects we reuse, the less waste that is produced and less resources are used.

Recycle: A process aimed at turning waste into new products or materials for further use. By recycling we prevent disuse of potentially useful materials and  the consumption of new raw materials which reduces energy use, air (by incineration) and water (through landfills) pollution as well as reducing emissions of greenhouse gases compared to the production of plastics.

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More options to reduce, reuse and recycle products: