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Protecting Our

Most Valuable Resource

Water is a vital natural resource we all need. And protecting and conserving water is a task that belongs to all us. In Madison we enjoy clean potable water and we all can take small steps to keep it like that.

The Madison Water Utility website provides you with great tools and tips to conserve our water.

Here are some examples:

  • Madison Water Utility offers us an online tool to improve conservation and water use. Check it out and sign up.
  • Replace old toilet and receive a $100 credit: click on the following link to read more about how to receive a refund for replacing your toilet in the Toilet Rebate Program 
  • Check for  water leaks in the plumbing. For more information, click here.
  • Install water saving devices. Faucet aerators and low flow showerheads can save thousands of gallons of water per year and reduce your hot water bill.
  • Invest in water-saving appliances, with a new and efficient dishwasher, you can save up to 1,000 gallons of water per year.
  • For more tips and resources, go to the Madison Water Utility website

Bathroom Tips

Here are some tips for saving water in the bathroom. By doing following some simple steps you can not only save water, but also save on your water bill. Just remember a these helpful tips and save big.

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and save 25 gallons a month.
  • Turn off the shower to wash your hair. Save up to 150 gallons a month.
  • Turn off the tap while shaving. Save up to 300 gallons a month.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath. Reducing shower time by a minute or two and you’ll save up to 150 gallons a month.
  • Fix faults faucets and pipes as soon as possible.
  • If the toilet chain does not close after flushing, replace it.
  • Place two full bottles inside the cistern and save 2 to 4 gallons each time you use it. Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket.

Gardening Tips

Conserve water while maintaining a beautiful garden. The process of gardening is as tedious as it is rewarding. However, with these tips you can decrease your costs while helping to cut back on the water your garden consumes.

  • Choose shrubs, gravel or other instead of lawn for difficult to water areas, such as steep inclines and isolated strips.
  • Adjust sprinklers so that you only water your lawn, not the house, sidewalk or street.
  •  Water during the evening to avoid evaporation losses,  the plants will thank you!
  • Do not water your lawn on windy days, since most of the water evaporates or is blown away.
  • Put a layer of gravel (mulch of leaves and straw) around plants, it retains moisture, saves water, time and money.
  • Check for possible leaks in outdoor appliances: taps, hoses, water pumps.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean the sidewalk and driveway.
  • Adjust the size of the lawn mower to a highest program. The highest program maintains soil moisture better…
  • Collect water from your roof to water your garden.
  • Reduce the lawn in your garden with shrubs, gravel and other, according to the region where you live.
  • When adding or replacing a plant in your garden, choose one with low water use and that lasts all year. It will save up to 550 gallons each year
  • Aerate the lawn at least once a year so that water can reach the roots rather than staying on the surface.

Save Water

in the Kitchen

Simple guideline to remember in the Kitchen will help you save. If possible, upgrade your appliances. High–efficiency washing machines, such as Energy Star dish washers, can conserve large amounts of water.

  • When washing dishes by hand, do not let the water run while washing. Fill a sink with water to wash and the other to rinse.
  • Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full. You can save up to 1,000 liters per month.
  • For cold drinks, have a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of opening the tap. In this way, every drop is used and does not fall into the drain.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water instead of running tap water.
  • Use the water you used to wash fruits and vegetables, to water plants.
  • Soak pots and pans instead of letting the water run while washing.
  • Do not use drinking water to thaw food. Thaw food in the refrigerator one or two nights before.